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part time accountants

We are always looking for part time accountants of all levels in Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok, but in particular those part or fully qualified looking for part time work or for projects. The work hours are often flexible, and range from a couple of days for a small project to three days a week or a full month or more for projects or interim work. The role could be from bookkeepers to finance managers and finance controllers.

Please refer to our home page, we supply CFOs to SMEs, business owners, private equity and family offices, mainly on a part time or project basis to fill specific needs of clients who need higher level finance support but do not need them on a full time basis and do not want to pay the full time cost.

As examples, at a lower level a client may need assistance in understanding their margins and we assist to build clear management reports and provide analysis of the results, or maybe they do not clearly understand their cashflow or need help in managing their working capital.

At higher levels, clients may need support to guide their finance teams or help in specific projects such as entering new markets or geographies.

We need people who are client facing, understand the needs of business owners, and who are excellent at excel and English.

Depending on the scope of the job you may then be asked to stay on part time or full time as the client expands their business or to mentor the existing finance team and exit. Anything can happen, but we should have a reasonably clear idea what that is prior to putting you on a job.

Contact us at if you are interested in working in the on demand economy – please provide some detail of yourselves and what type of work you are looking for – part time or project/interim and why you think you are suited to that type of role. Also send your CV, the country you are looking to work in and your residence or working status.


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