Few great men could pass HR

– Paul Goodman

We provide needs-based CFO’s to help you manage your business or provide support on specific issues or projects, from mentoring a finance team, to working capital management, from restructuring, to the process of negotiating the sale your business from decision to execution, we are there when you need support most.


Examples of where we can help could include but are certainly not limited to :

Managing the bottom line and improving profitability                   

  • Review pricing models, costs, customers and business models to identify opportunities to increase profits over the long term.
  • Identifying and implementing cost savings
  • General pricing and contract reviews
  • Complex contract pricing, formulation and negotiation

Managing cashflow and improving the Balance Sheet

  • Making a cashflow forecast
  • Working capital management
  • Debt recovery

Managing the business – Financial and Management Reporting

  • Review of finance support systems to ensure that they are good for use and provide the level and detail needed to run the business
  • Ensuring the business has appropriate performance indicators, and if not, to design them and measure them
  • Designing and implementing budgetary and forecasting processes for the business

Managing the finance team

  • Mentoring the existing finance team to be more proactive in the business
  • Advising the existing team on speaking up where they have identified hidden value, which they are often reluctant to do as finance is often a secondary team in an SME

Managing the sale of the business

  • refer to ‘advise’ page for types of sale, whether trade sale, IPO, private equity etc, we can assist in any form of full or partial sale which needs careful management
  • Setting a time frame for sale, the longer the better in order to build value and dress the business for sale
  • developing a teaser document for buyers briefly summarising the opportunity
  • identifying and contacting potential buyers
  • preliminary documents and discussions and shortlists of interested buyers
  • assistance with negotiations, valuations, contract terms and the due diligence process
  • assistance with celebrating a successful sale !

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