a satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all
– Michael LeBoeuf

Part time FD, CFO

We offer experienced CFO’s and FD’s as business partners, on a part time or project basis, to business owners, private equity and family offices. We help you start your business, fund your business, run your business, or sell your business.


We’ve been there and we recognize that whilst you may need brilliant expensive sales people every day,  you may not need brilliant expensive finance and operations specialists every day. We appreciate that business owners often do not need or cannot afford a CFO on a full-time basis but may appreciate a regular discussion around strategy and plans and working towards long term goals. CEO’s may want to hand off some back office tasks to experienced executives who can take control of finance, legal, IT etc whilst they concentrate on what they are best at. And, in certain critical times, owners may need a high level of experience as support and back-up. Think of us as CFO’s to go, at flexible times and flexible rates. From as little as a couple of hours a month to bat around ideas, to major projects such as fund raising, entering new markets or the purchase or sale of a business.

Helping business owners with advice, cash and management support from idea to exit, we have been there, from building business plans, to raising capital, from growth spurts and the excitement of big deals, to the misery of downturns, restructurings and turnarounds, and ultimately through to the negotiation and successful sale of the business. We understand the highs and the lows and know that we can help.

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